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A passion for people:

  • giving children, young people and adults 
    a voice

  • promoting positive body image and
    self care

  • encouraging self development and growth

  • supporting positive mental well-being

  • supporting transition into employment

Doing all of the above with creativity
Traci is an experienced Coach, Mentor and accredited NLP Practitioner who writes and delivers creative, interactive and thought provoking workshops for children and adults on the themes of ‘ It’s Okay to be Different’, ‘Strengths Talk’  and ‘Be Your Best  Self’. She has over 20 years’ experience, primarily in a fast-paced retail environment, and has taken her passions and strengths from her time as a Senior and Regional Manager to create a business in her local community with a focus on personal development, supporting people to be their best selves in work and in life.

Traci works with clients to inspire them to experience life differently, to better express themselves and to discover a different mindset, enabling them to transform. She is an accredited NLP Practitioner, encouraging expanding thinking and perspectives, moving beyond current limitations leading to personal growth.

Values driven with a passion for people, Traci provides individual coaching and mentoring, writes and delivers bespoke training and workshops and facilitates change.

Traci made her speaker stage debut in 2017 at the Assembly Hall Theatre in Tunbridge Wells, talking to 500 people for the first time about her challenges around self- confidence and positive body image. This has led to her developing  workshops for young people and adults, focused on building self esteem and confidence and knowing their worth. She has also spoken at the Business Diaries in Rochester and regularly talks to Prince's Trust mentors about her experiences in supporting young people.

Traci is  passionate that people of all ages should have the opportunity to change their lives, by providing consistent personal support, encouragement and inspiration. She helps in the journey to discover and explore their opportunities, realise their potential and support their transformation.  She also supports with:

Confidence, Self esteem, Mental well-being,

Career transition, CVs and Interviews,
Communication, Expression and Literacy.